**This product line has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.**

Whether you have one some of the time or all of the time, you know the feeling. Oral Fixation Breath Mints have the succulent answer which will please eye and tongue alike. It's about making everyday objects beautiful, and we have applied this philosophy to the design of our Mints and our Tins.

Our Mints use only the finest ingredients, and are all sugar free with the exception of Nightlight, which uses brown sugar to bring out the full flavor of Spiced Chai.

Made of brushed metal and designed with a timeless minimalist aesthetic, reminiscent of 1920’s cigarette cases, our tins are little objects of art, equally appropriate for an art opening at the Whitney, an after hours party, a seedy dive bar, or a visit to the opera with your grandmother. Inside each tin is one sheet of custom designed wax paper. Sized perfectly to fit folded cash, credit cards, and other nighttime accoutrements, the tins double as reusable wallets.

Designed with a sense of elegance, wit and humor, our breath mints promise to elicit glances of envy everywhere you take them.

Oral Fixation Mints