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Dilettante Chocolates

A premier Seattle Chocolate & Coffee company since 1976, Dilettante Chocolates has grown from a neighborhood espresso and dessert house to a nationally recognized brand. The product offering features decadent confections and baked goods, expertly blended and roasted coffee beans, and enticing dessert sauces. Patrons in the Seattle area can visit a Dilettante Mocha Café to sip a custom chocolate mocha and nibble a tasty housemade dessert. Visit the Dilettante website to learn more,

Founded in 1976 in Downtown Seattle by 3rd Generation Chocolatier Dana Davenport, Dilettante is a premium confections manufacturer that also applies its expertise to baked goods, gourmet cakes, coffee, exquisite mochas and its very own Mocha Martini Bar. With 6 retail locations located throughout the Seattle area and delicious products sold across the country, Dilettante prides itself on its utmost commitment to quality and customer service. Please visit to learn more about the brand, the products & the exciting Mocha Cafes & Martini Bar.