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A variety of easy to make soups and chili that make it simple to cook nutritious and delicious homemade meals. The name "Buckeye" comes from the name of the mill town located on the quiet waters of the Little Spokane River, just a stone's throw from Spokane in Eastern Washington. The original company was founded just downstream from this sleepy little town of three hundred residents and was inspired to create genuine products that reflect the "simpler way of life." Hearty soups on the back burner and beans baking in the oven provide a flavor of days gone by.

The beans and whole grains in these soups are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. Each soup has easy-to-follow instructions and has no artificial additives or preservatives. Fresh ingredients can be added as you choose.

Buckeye Cornbread Mix is a perfect accompaniment to the Buckeye heartwarming soups and chili. The cornbread mix is

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Buckeye Bean Soup - 12 Oz
Buckeye Beans Bean Soup - Buckeye Beans & Herbs - 12oz

Feed your family nutritious Bean Soup for a better lunch or dinner. Be confident that you're feeding your family well - with wholesome Buckeye Beans and Herbs Bean soup mix. Soup makes a healthy meal for lunch or dinner. Bean soup in particular, is an excellent...

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Rating: 4.93

Buckeye White Chicken Chili - 14 Oz
Buckeye Beans White Chicken Chili - Buckeye Beans & Herbs - 14oz

Create a tastier Chicken Chili with White Beans. Buckeye Bean and Herbs White Chicken Chili brings you an easy-to-make homemade style chili. White bean chili is nutritious and heartwarming. Different spices are used, not like the red bean variety...

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Rating: 4.56

Buckeye Beefed Up Barley Soup - 12 Oz
Buckeye Beans Beefed Up Barley Soup - Buckeye Beans & Herbs - 12oz

The benefits of eating meals with Beef Barley Soup are bountiful. Buckeye Bean and Herbs Beef Barley soup is an easy-to-make homemade soup that is both nutritious and heartwarming. Just add beef, either hamburger or chopped stew beef to this nutritious dry soup...

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Rating: 5.00

Buckeye Great Leap N Lentil Soup - 12 Oz
Buckeye Beans Great Leap N Lentil Soup - Buckeye Beans & Herbs - 12oz

Enjoy Leapin' Lentils Soup as a rich flavorful source of fibers and minerals. Easy-to-make Buckeye Beans Leapin' Lentils homemade soups are nutritious and heartwarming; Lentil and whole grains used in this colorful dry soup mix are an excellent source of protein, certain B...

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Rating: 4.73

Buckeye Veggie Bean Soup - 12 Oz
Buckeye Beans Veggie Bean Soup - Buckeye Beans & Herbs - 12oz

Veggie Bean Soup - a delicious way to eat your vegetables! Buckeye Beans and Herbs Veggie Bean soup is an easy-to-make homemade soups - nutritious, heartwarming.and filling. The beans and whole grains in this wholesome dry bean soup mix are excellent...

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Rating: 4.60

Buckeye Country Split Pea Soup - 14 Oz
Buckeye Beans Country Split Pea Soup - Buckeye Beans & Herbs - 14oz

Homemade Split-Pea soup - quality comfort food.- thick and delicious. Buckeye Beans and Herbs Country Style Split Pea soup is both healthful and heartwarming soup made to comfort your soul. Split Pea Soup like mom used to make but easy -so easy to prepare - create...

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Rating: 4.68

Buckeye Chicken N Thyme Soup - 12 Oz
Buckeye Beans Chicken N Thyme Soup - Buckeye Beans & Herbs - 12oz

Thyme for Chicken Soup. Buckey Beans and Herbs Chicken and Thyme Soup mix is an easy-to-make homemade soups. Packets of herbs and spices mixed with thyme flavor make this soup both nutritious and heartwarming.´┐ŻThyme helps...

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Rating: 4.96

Buckeye Cornbread - 20 Oz
Buckeye Beans Cornbread - Buckeye Beans & Herbs - 20oz

Try Northern Cornbread - fluffier and moister than the Southern style bread. Buckeye Bean and Herbs brings you fresh hot cornbread right from the oven! Buckeye Bean Grandma used to "knead" a lot of time to accomplish fresh baked cornbread. Buckeye Beans and Herbs found a way...

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Rating: 5.00

Buckeye White Chicken Chili - 14 Oz
Buckeye Beans Winter Magic Chili - Buckeye Beans & Herbs - 12oz

A delicious chili mix featuring a beautiful holiday package. There's just something about a warm bowl of hearty chili on a cold winter night. That's what Winter Magic Chili mix is all about! We've made it simple to create a huge pot of hearty, homemade chili...

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Products 1-9