A Passion for Quality Since 1993

Born out of a 10th floor candy kitchen belonging to a flagship Seattle department store from the early 1900's, Seattle Gourmet Foods actually began as “Frederick’s Fine Chocolates” when it incorporated itself in Kent, WA in 1993. What began as a modest operation manufacturing an iconic Seattle-area chocolate confection for a single customer has since grown to be a premier Pacific Northwest gourmet foods manufacturer with over 10 national brands and a thriving private label division.

SGF History - A Closer Look

Original Factory

Embarking on a New Endeavor

Seattle Gourmet Foods, then named, "Frederick's Fine Chocolates," is founded and incorporated in Kent, Washington. With only one customer, a popular Seattle department store, we begin manufacturing a well-known chocolate confection.

Shortly after establishing the new business, SGF acquires two brands - Maury Island Farm and Paradise Farms. The Maury Island brand will eventually grow to be one of our most successful labels featuring small-batch jam, preserves, and fruit toppings made with all natural ingredients.

Buckeye Beans & Herbs joins the SGF family, adding more diversity to our brand collection with a wholesome selection of soup and bread mixes. The brand is a major hit with our customers.

New Name, New Vision

Frederick's Fine Chocolates officially rebrands as “Seattle Gourmet Foods” (SGF) to better reflect our diverse brand line-up. The company also enters the world of private label manufacturing.

The addition of two noteworthy brands; Coy's Country Northwest, a collection of simple and delicious baking mixes, and Quinn's Essential, a line of salsas and pepper jellies with Southwest flair.

Addition of latest technology machinery increases our confectionery manufacturing abilities.

With the addition of NASFT winning tea cookie brand, Biringer's Farm Fresh, SGF introduces bakery production capabilities, increasing the options for private label manufacturing.

Anna's Honey adds a sweet touch to the SGF family with all natural, raw honey products sourced directly from Pacific Northwest beekeepers.

Seattle Gourmet Foods acquires the iconic Seattle chocolate and coffee brand, Dilettante Chocolates. This noteworthy merger allows SGF to expand its existing confectionery business with a nationally recognized brand and the years of expertise that came with it, including its founding chocolatier, Dana Davenport. This boosts SGF to one of the largest panning operators in the US as well as a highly efficient truffle and TruffleCreme manufacturer.

Following the purchase of Dilettante was the acquisition of “Vitech Corp”, the manufacturer of Myntz!, a well known brand of breath mints. SGF was able to streamline the mint production process and is one of the largest domestic breath mint manufacturers today. Also came the purchase of Merlino Baking Company, a large bakery manufacturer of hand-decorated cutout cookies.

Coffaro's Baking Co. joins the Seattle Gourmet Foods family. This all natural line of traditional Italian biscotti further expands our bakery line-up and prompts our new Gluten Free manufacturing program.

SGF acquires FungusAmongUs, further establishing our expertise in the gourmet food category by broadening our scope to include this premium line of organic dried mushrooms, mushroom powders, and exclusive Italian truffle products sourced directly from Italy.

Looking Forward

With the future and continued growth in our sights, we strive to create compelling brands for national wholesale, while supporting our robust private label program.