The classic flavor combination of chocolate and mint perfected! Our chocolate Mint Dropz are made with premium, melt-in-your-mouth white and dark chocolate and flavored with just the right amount of peppermint.

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Chocolate Mint Gems - 6 oz peppermint chocolate, dark chocolate mint
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Dilettante Chocolates

    Cool peppermint flavor adds a delicious touch to semisweet dark chocolate in these soft chocolate morsels.Mint Gems from Dilettante Chocolates are made using the best quality ingredients, including peppermint oil, to create deliciously satisfying mint chocolates.Packaged in a beautiful, ready-to-give gift box.

    Mint Dropz® in Chocolate 5 lb
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    Dilettante Chocolates

      For a refreshing melt-in-your-mouth mint chocolate sensation, enjoy Dilettante Mint Dropz.A thick, dark chocolate mint center is enrobed in creamy, white chocolate colored to a minty green hue. Each chocolate peppermint pearl is made using the finest ingredients including high quality chocolate and all natural peppermint oil.The bulk five pound bag is great for making party favors or ensuring you have plenty on hand for any special occasion.