Merlino Baking Company has years of experience in creating delicious and quality baked goods. We currently specialize in one-of-a-kind hand decorated sugar cookies made from the best quality ingredients. Our baking skills and experience allows us to have to have some of the tastiest treats around. We offer a variety of gourmet frosted sugar cookies for every season and many holidays. Our cookies make great gifts throughout the year and are also a perfect way to treat yourself to something sweet.

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Merlino Baking Decorated Cookies Dipped Snowman
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Merlino Baking

    Merlino Baking Co.'s Snowman Cookies will melt in your mouth - not on the ground!Merlino Baking Co.'s decorated sugar cookie line is famous for its hand-decorated and creamy coated cookies - perfectly pre-made for the busy holiday season. Fun Snowman Cookies remind you of Frosty the Snowman.Each snowman shaped sugar cookie is lavishly coated with white frosting and then additional frosting decorations are added by hand. Merlino Baking Co. carries cookies for all seasons and most holidays...

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