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Fresh Marinara Sauce from Cucina Fresca
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    Made with plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, organic basil, fresh onions, fresh garlic, and a dash of sea salt and organic oregano for a naturally fresh and simple sauce. Always preservative and additive free, Cucina Fresca’s Fresh Marinara Sauce is slow-cooked to bring out the robust flavors of each natural ingredient. This basic tomato marinara sauce is essential when creating a simple, wholesome spaghetti dinner or spread it over gooey dough as a delicious pizza sauce.

    Fresh Smoke Tomato Sauce from Cucina Fresca
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      A Spanish-style sauce with a delightfully surprising hint of smoked paprika. Vine-ripened plum tomatoes, fresh onions, imported extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and a pinch of sea salt are the other all natural ingredients that make this tomato sauce stand out. Simply use it on your favorite pasta, or be bold and spread it over grilled meats or fish. This versatile sauce triples as a soup and stew base you won’t soon forget.

      Fresh Tomato Vodka Sauce from Cucina Fresca
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        Fresh cream, organic basil and vodka bring sophistication to this rich, creamy sauce. Also making an appearance on the ingredient list are juicy plum tomatoes, crushed red pepper, fresh garlic, imported extra virgin olive oil, and fresh onions – all combined for a vodka cream sauce of perfection. Use Cucina Fresca's signature tomato vodka cream sauce atop soft penne noodles or toss it with fresh potato gnocchi for a wholesome and delicious meal.