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Dilettante Gift Card
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    Simplify gift-giving with convenient Dilettante Gift Cards. Available in six denominations, a Dilettante Gift Card is a simple way to show you care. Take the guesswork out of shopping for gifts and let your family, friends, and coworkers choose their favorite gourmet chocolates, biscotti, coffee, and more! Dilettante Gift Cards are valid for use at any of our Mocha Café locations in the greater Seattle area. Dilettante Mocha Cafés carry our premium products, along with rich mocha drinks,...

    This chocolate heart comes filled with mini chocolate hearts.
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      Say "I love you" this Valentine's Day with our Heart-Filled Milk Chocolate Heart. This beautiful Valentine's Day Gift is more than meets the eye. Hidden inside are small chocolate hearts, each wrapped in pretty silver foil. This hollow chocolate heart and the miniature ones inside are made of creamy milk chocolate and free of artificial ingredients. Wrapped in a clear acetate baggie and topped with a red satin ribbon, the Heart-Filled Chocolate Heart comes ready to give to that special...

      Hand-painted chocolate postcard featuring the beautiful Seattle skyline.
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        The Seattle skyline is recognized all around the world. Dilettante Chocolates, being founded in the Pacific Northwest, created a chocolate post card depicting the famous skyline as an homage to the city we love. This edible souvenir features the iconic Space Needle, beautiful downtown, and snow-capped Mount Rainier. This mold makes the perfect gift to anyone who loves Seattle as much as we do.

        Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds with Turbinado Sugar & Sea Salt Almonds, roasted almonds, almond candies, almond candy, nut confections, nut candies, chocolate, chocolate nuts, nut candy, pistachio, candy, dark chocolate, turbinado
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          Enjoy the taste of premium roasted almonds covered in gourmet dark chocolate, Turbinado cane sugar, and all-natural sea salt from Dilettante Chocolates. These delicious chocolate covered almonds are made in special revolving kettles using the finest couveture quality chocolates and premium dried nuts. Turbinado can sugar adds for a special crunch and texture while sea salt is used to enhance the natural flavors of this delicious treat. The 2.5 pound jar is great for your next party or...

          Enjoy milk chocolate with bits of real ground coffee!
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            Real ground coffee is united with rich chocolate ganache and enrobed with a lighter blend of South American and West African cacao to create our Mocha Crunch TruffleCremes. By lightly grinding roasted Central American coffee beans these truffles are a perfect mix of smooth chocolate with a hint of crunch. Mocha Crunch TruffleCremes are available in a bulk-sized jar, making it easy to ensure you have plenty on hand to fill candy dishes, please party guests, or keep plenty of stock just for you. ...

            Enjoy an assortment of our most popular TruffleCreme flavors!
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              This premium chocolate assortment features our most popular TruffleCreme flavors. Enjoy the simple bliss of pure chocolate with the Light and Dark Ephemere flavors. Indulge in the natural flavor infusions of Peppermint, Butter Toffee, and Blood Orange, each paired with complementary chocolate blends. The large-sized assorted jar ensures there are plenty of bite-sized chocolate truffles to go around. Perfect for parties. ASSORTMENT INCLUDES: Dark EphemereLight EphemereBlood Orange Toffee...

              Toasted Almond Butter Biscotti - 18 pieces
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                Dilettante's buttery toasted Almond Butter Biscotti is made with the finest high quality ingredients. Unlike crunchy traditional Italian-style biscotti, Dilettante biscotti is made with more real butter and lightly toasted to create a softer cookies treat that doesn't crumble and isn't hard. Pair Almond flavored biscotti with your morning cup of coffee or hot chocolate for a breakfast alternative. Buying Dilettante's Almond Butter Biscotti in this easy to store jar will keep your cookies...

                Dilettante Ephemere® SemiSweet Sauce - 22oz
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                  Our Semisweet Ephemere Sauce is a pourable variation of the Davenport family Ephemere Truffle formula. Ephemere Sauce made with semisweet chocolate is particularly balanced to provide the proper sweetness and chocolate flavor for your chocolate-coffee, espresso drinks. It is formulated for making premium mochas, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, and for use as an ice cream topping and chocolate fondue.

                  Ground bean coffee - Hapsburg blend
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                    The experience of an ultra-smooth, medium dark roast has brought us full circle to our culinary roots. Viennese-roast coffee pairs perfectly with chocolate and also makes a very rich espresso with a light-golden crema. Created for our signature Mocha Café espresso, the Hapsburg is an elegant blend which is never bitter or acidic. Master Coffee Roaster and Chocolatier, Dana Davenport, named this blend after his Grand Uncle Julius’ most famous patron, the last great Hapsburg emperor,...

                    4 Piece Chocolate Truffle Gift Box
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                      Enjoy four of Dilettante's finest hand dipped chocolate truffles in a beautiful silver gift box. This small-sized box of chocolates makes the perfect treat for a little self indulgence or give it to a loved one as a token of your affection. ASSORTMENT INCLUDES: Dark Ephemere Chocolate Truffle Light Ephemere Chocolate Truffle Praline Chocolate Truffle L'Orange Chocolate Truffle Dilettante chocolate truffles are made with high-quality, all natural ingredients. Our decadent truffle centers...

                      Dilettante NW Molded Salmon in Milk Chocolate
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                        Fishing for salmon in the Pacific Northwest is a popular sport. We've created this unique milk chocolate Northwest Trophy Salmon in a display box as a gift for that special someone who loves both fishing and chocolate. Each solid Chocolate Salmon is handmade with premium quality milk chocolate for a truly decadent gourmet chocolate gift.

                        Bittersweet Chocolate Melting & Dipping Wafers
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                          Now you can make high quality chocolates and baked goods, Dilettante-style with our premium Chocolate Wafers. The bittersweet variety is our richest at 72% cacao mass, giving off a smooth, natural cacao flavor. These chocolate wafers have a rich cacao taste that is great paired with ultra-sweet foods such as fruit, sponge cake, and marshmallows – making it a great choice for chocolate fondue. The discerning pastry chef in you will also love it drizzled on baked goods. Dilettante Chocolate...