Our bulk honey pails are filled with all natural, pure Anna's Honey. Harvested in the wild from a variety of floral types, Anna's Honey is treated very carefully to ensure that it retains organic nutrients and natural flavors. Anna's Honey is different from the everyday supermarket varieties. Our honey is preservative free and does not contain additives or artificial flavorings of any kind. Anna's Honey is the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Buying in bulk saves money and what's more, our value sized honey pails come direct from the manufacturer, increasing your savings. When you buy Anna's Honey in Bulk, you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality honey product for a great price. Anna's Bulk Honey comes in two conveniently sized pails, 12lb and 60lb - perfect sizes for those who use large quantities of honey.

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Bulk Clover Natural Honey - 12lb bucket
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Annas Honey

    A handy pail filled with all natural clover honey from Anna's Honey, the gourmet honey provider of the Pacific Northwest. Our Clover honey is a popular varietal harvested straight from the hives of wild honeybees. Anna's Bulk Clover Honey is a smart choice to get the most honey for your money. Anna's Bulk Clover honey is the perfect solution for refilling your honey jars! Suggested Storage: Product shelf life is reliant on storage conditions and is highly variable. Our honey products should be...