• Natural Peach Flavor
  • Wonderfully Rich and Smooth
  • Pure Honey Harvested in the Pacific Northwest
  • Product of the USA
  • Total Net Wt 11 oz
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    The smooth texture of creamed honey united with sweet, juicy peaches will delight you. Anna's Peach Creamed Honey uses fresh honey from the hive whipped with all natural peach juice to create a gourmet, spreadable honey. Always fat free without additves or preservatives, Anna's Peach Creamed honey is a healthy choice.

    Try it warmed up and poured over pancakes for a breakfast time treat.

    Washington State's premiere honey company, Anna's Honey produces five varieties of gourmet raw honey featuring flavors derived from Pacific Northwest floral plants.

    The original company, Anna's Gourmet, founded by Arlene Page in 1980, was named after Arlene's great grandmother who settled in the Kittitas Valley region of Washington State during the 1880's. Anna's Honey products contain no artificial preservatives or additives. We use only farm fresh, hive-ripened, 100% pure US Grade A raw honey.

    At Anna's Honey, pure honey is filtered at 200 microns which lets the natural pollens come through to give you a rich, smooth texture. With over 30 years of experience, Anna's Honey believes that leaving the bee parts and wax remnants in the honey is detrimental to the purity of the product. The wax capping serves as a protective barrier from impurities getting into the honey while in the hive. So, during production the wax capping is removed and melted down for beeswax.

    Anna's honey is carefully tested for purity and retains low moisture for a thicker consistency. Anna's Honey uses this process to give you a richer, creamier, and satisfying natural honey.

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    This item has 5.00 stars out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews.


    Las Vegas, Nevada
    I bought this Peach Creamed Honey while visiting Pike Place Market. This is like gold. I am a honey snob and this is the best honey I have ever had. I am fortunate that I am the only one that really eats honey at my house, so I don't have to share. I now need to try the other flavors.

    Love it!!!

    Bought 3 days ago and it's almost gone. It helps me to reduce the cough while I am sick. It's very good with a cup of tea and some cheese. Mmmm.


    Des Moines, WA
    I just bought this on Sunday. Great tasting. We love the raspberry. This is as good if not better. Wonderful stuff.