Our bulk mushroom powders are great to have on hand for cooking. Using mushroom powder is a great way to incorporate a bold mushroom flavor and great nutritional benefits without having to add the textured bits, especially for those who do not prefer it. Sprinkle these premium mushroom powders on top of your favorite salad and pasta recipes for a hint of flavor, or add more to your favorite soups and stews for an extra depth of flavor.

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Organic Porcini Mushroom Powder 16 Ounces
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    The powdered version of our best-selling organic porcini mushrooms imparts an intense, smoky flavor that fills the room with its rich fragrance.Porcini mushroom powder is a great addition to any dish where you wish to add rich flavoring without the texture of the actual mushrooms.The porcini mushroom is particularly sought after during the holidays due to its delicious compatibility with poultry and stuffings. Porcini mushroom powder is also excellent to use in soup broths, sauces, or to...