Delight in a sophisticated dark chocolate experience fit for kings and queens.

Aristocrats Premier Assortment, Dark Chocolates - 12 Piece

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Dilettante's Aristocrats box of chocolates is filled with 12 of our finest dark chocolate delicacies. Each fine chocolate candy piece is made with 54-72% cacao for a deep dark chocolate experiecnce that will delight even the most discerning...


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Aristocrats Chocolate Assortment

I gave these fabulous chocolates to my mom as a gift. She loves dark chocolate and said that these may just be the best chocolates she has ever


Aristocrats Chocolate Assortment

BCS, Mexico
Bar none - best chocolates I have ever eaten. Smooth, rich yet light, deep sultry flavor, subtle sweetness, perfection!

aristocrats chocolate assortment - 15 piece gift box

Jan Wells
I am enjoying this very much. Great selection and delicious chocolate.

cant stop eating it!

soo.... so.... so good!

I thought I loved Sees. But that was before I tasted Dilettante! On a scale 1-10, of I give them a 27+.

So decadant and delicious. Best ever.

Lucky to have found them

I was lucky to have such a long wait for a flight out of Seattle when I visited. It was morning and at the Dilettante coffee stand I found this dark assortment of coffee, as I wanted to bring back something for my wife.

I have loved chocolate my entire life. For the last 20 years, my preference has been fine dark chocolates, and nothing is more delightful than a wonderfully filled dipped chocolate.

I have always liked assortments, and this is by far the best I have ever experienced. Every one of the chocolates was a delight, not just a few. Truly works of art.

I generally don't write reviews, but I had too.
Reviews 1-6 of 6