Dilettante Chocolates Brandied Cherries - 6 pieces

Chocolate Brandied Cherries - 6 Piece

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The cherries in Dilettante's Chocolate Brandied Cherries are real bing cherries from the Pacific Northwest. Our gourmet brandied cherries are soaked in fine brandy, then dipped in milk and dark chocolate. We infuse bing cherries with quality brandy...


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Best Chocolate Brandied Cherries Ever!!


This is the

Best Chocolate Brandied Cherries

I have ever had!!

If ALL six Brandied Cherries

were covered in

MILK Chocolate..

I would give them 5 stars plus!

Brandied Cherries are soooooo much better

in Milk Chocolate.

Hopefully Dilettante

will make a set of Brandied Cherries

that are all in Milk Chocolate.


dark chocolate covered cherries rule

I have been a fan of Dilettante chocolates, especially their chocolate covered cherries, for years. And although I am not a fan of most dark chocolate, for their chocolate covered cherries, it is a perfect combination -- the smooth, slightly bitter dark chocolate, the pungent brandy and sweet cherry -- food for the gods and goddesses!

Dark chocolate rules!!!

ff, I have to politely disagree, but I'll take all the dark chocolate ones, and you can have all the milk chocolate ones. :D And, we'll all get along just fine!

Oh no no no!!!

ff, no no no, Dark chocolate all the way!!!! Not wimpy milk chocolate, it's way too sweet and overpowers the lush awesomeness of the cherry :D

But, then, I'm a dark chocolate girl. I love the bittersweet, and dark chocolate. Heaven! YUM!!!

The best chocolate brandied cherries!

Dallas, TX
TCD said it all, I can't get enough!

This may be the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.

I cannot believe this was a chocolate covered cherry. I have had chocolate covered cherries in the past and thought they were the grossest thing on the planet. These completely changed my mind. The texture of the Dilettante Brandied Cherry (I refuse to call this a chocolate covered cherry, it's absolutely a crime) is silky and lush, the interior is a complete surprise, absolutely decadent and delicious. I want more....
Reviews 1-6 of 6