Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley® - 14 oz tub

Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley® - 14 oz

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One of our most popular confections, our classic Fruit Medley® assortment contains a delicious mixture of strawberries, cherries, apricots, and blueberries. Each luscious real dried fruit center is double coated in layers of milk and dark...


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These are wonderful! I found the same 14 oz container at Trader Joe's for under $5.00 though, so I would recommend buying them there instead of Online. Save a few bucks or get twice as much for the same price!

Got this product at Trader Joe's -- freakin amazing. So happy to discover them! So tempted to go on about them, too. (These are four kinds of practically pebble-size chocolates that seem scented with fruit even before you reach it. Better at room temperature.) So glad I can get them here online too, in the event of an emergency...or, um, sophisticated lady dinner party.

Incredible - chocolate covered fruit has to be done just right, and this is the best I've ever had. Apricots and strawberries particularly delectable! (found this at Trader Joe's, so happy about it)

i had a guest from america she brought this chocolate from there and i couldnt resist finishing it up i hope everybody enjoy it


A friend recently sent me this wonderful snack and I love it. I have enjoyed the chocolate covered bing cherries for years but recently he surprised me with this selection. What a great product!! The flavor of each dried fruit is a compliment to the palette. I would recommend it to everyone!!!

Disappointed - Just average chocolate at an above average price

Los Angeles
I am a long-standing fan of most of Dilettante's chocolates, have told many friends about them and often give Dilettante chocolates as gifts but these and the chocolate covered cashew dragees were very disappointing. These are GIANT balls of colored chocolate with a tiny bit of fruit in the middle. I was hoping for something more like the old Starbuck's chocolate covered dried cherries (large soft dried cherry with about 1/4 inch of good semi-sweet chocolate coating it) but upgraded to Dilettante quality and with a nice variety of different fruits. The chocolate these are made from really don't taste any better than the "Dove" chocolate I can get off a grocery store shelf. I guess I will stick to the traditional truffles and meltaways in the future because they are quite extraordinary and blow the competition away (much better than the Godiva I can get here in LA).

Fruit Medley - the best

Naperville, Illinois 60565
My husband and I can't stop eating these fantastic dried fruits!! We found them at Trader Joe's and are addicted!!

Glad to find it!

San Francisco
Trader Joe's discontinued this product and started selling their own version, which taste awful. So glad to find that I can buy this on line. The price is 50% more on line than buying at the Trader Joe's, but I don't care. It is worth spending. You get what you paid for,

I love these things!

Wish I had known they existed earlier. I just found them by chance from a friend at Christmas. Now she's my best friend! My Valentine will get some!

Most heavenly candy ever.

I was introduced to this candy several years ago when I worked at a coffee cafe that sold it. I was excited to find it on line and be able to order it. I have shared it with several of my friends and they can not believe how wonderful it is.

The service is awesome and the product by far one of the most exciting I have ever seen!


Sierra Madre, CA
These are God Sent! The flavors are delicious. I can eat the whole thing in one seating. I have to contain myself. I love eating a few everynight but trust me that's hard since they are so so but so yummy. Thank you for these treats! I'm a fan!

Re: Fruit Medleys

Quincy, MA
I received your product as part of my Christmas gift this past season and am so-o-o-o hooked on it. This has to be the most delicious candy/fruit selection that I have ever eaten. I would not hesitate to order this as a gift for someone, nor, would I hesitate to order it for myself. Again, thank you for a product that is truly superior. Truly a 5 star selection!!!
Reviews 1-12 of 12