Dilettante Ephemere Bittersweet Sauce - 22oz

Ephemere Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce - 22 oz

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Indulge the senses with Ephemere Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce from Dilettante Chocolates. This gourmet dark chocolate sauce is made with the same premium chocolate and butter proprietary method created by the Davenport Chocolatier family over a...


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David Hamilton
Las Vegas, Nevada
This...and the Semisweet Ephemere...are both rich and elegant and very tasty sauces that have no peers...makes for a killer hot cocoa! Dave

A Dark Chocolate Secret!

Los Angeles, CA
I keep expecting Ephemere Sauce to be everywhere because I grew up in Seattle and LOVE it SO much from my visits to the Dilettante cafe on Capitol Hill. When I'm back in town, a Dilettante sundae is always on my agenda. But in the meanwhile, I make sure to keep it on hand down here in SoCal--it's my little dark chocolate secret for dinner parties and other gatherings with friends. The "bitter" is no joke -- it has that slight rich chocolate liqueur flavor that knocks everyone over. So glad I can order it online!

Don't let the word bittersweet scare you!

Olympia, WA
This sauce is only a slight bit different from semi-sweet. I would say it is richer and more of the "Wow. That's great chocolate" kind of flavor. I go out of my way to have this on hand. Makes a GREAT dessert fondu. Just cut up some fruit and squeeze some sauce into a fondu bowl in the middle of the table. Starts thick, but thins when slightly heated.(Alternatively, set the plastic bottle in a bowl of very warm water while having dinner and it will be ready for dipping when it's dessert time.)
Reviews 1-3 of 3