Annas Natural Honey Comb 8oz

Natural Honeycomb - Annas Honey Comb - 8 oz

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Anna's Honey Natural Honeycomb is the best honey in its purest form. Packaged straight from the hives, honeycomb is the only true unprocessed honey. Distilled from nectar and put in its container by the bees themselves, raw honey comb consists...


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Absolutely Lovely!

Renton, WA
A lovely, fragrant treat! I have always loved honeycomb since childhood and recently found Anna's at a nearby farmer's market. I love it...from the first whiff out of the package, it's love at first sniff. It smells like flowers and tastes like candy. The wax is a fun treat for chewing...nature's chewing gum! I wish the price was a little less, hence the four stars instead of five. It really makes me want to keep bees just so I can get this treat more often! I really like it.


Bloomfield, New Jersey
I'm from New Jersey and I bought one of these after watching people eating honeycomb on youtube, absolutely wasn't expecting that distinctive taste!! My mother isn't a big fan of sweets but she totally loved this one, she now wants to buy a whole dozen of these! Great product here very good job and thank you for putting in the hard work to satisfy your fellow Americans :D Definitely recommend it to everyone!

I luv honeycomb!

Florida's Emerald Coast
Excellent honeycomb. I'm in Florida where they make Tupelo honey right down the road from me on the Apalachicola River. I like to try honeycomb from all over the United States. This honeycomb is very good. Keep those bees busy. Thanks for a excellent quality tasting comb honey.

Unique, nutty flavor

Seattle, WA
Found Anna's honeycomb at a Whole Foods and hugged it when I grabbed it off the shelf! It's been a while since I've had honeycomb, and quite a distance, too. I used to buy it frequently back in Indianapolis, IN. I don't know if it's the season or the flowers, or what, but the flavor of this honeycomb - oh man. LOVE IT! It's got a delightful, nutty flavor to it! I was hooked on bite one. Hard to put this down! Hope I find it on more shelves in the future!
Reviews 1-4 of 4