Dilettante Ephemere® SemiSweet Sauce - 22oz

Ephemere Semisweet Chocolate Sauce - 22 oz

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Our Semisweet Ephemere Sauce is a pourable variation of the Davenport family Ephemere Truffle formula. Ephemere Sauce made with semisweet chocolate is particularly balanced to provide the proper sweetness and chocolate flavor for your...


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David Hamilton
Las Vegas, Nevada
This is an excellent...which is to say...very elegant and delicious work of culinary expertise...we have always thought very favorably of Dillettante Ephemere sauces! YUM! Dave

C. Luevano
San Diego, CA
Best chocolate ever! Forget what you think chocolate should taste like. This chocolate has a unique taste that is hard to explain. Characteristics: smooth, silky, rich (but not sickening rich), delicate, and complex. Every sip leaves you wanting more.

Crazy good!

Seattle, WA
To give this review some context, I have never once written a review for any food product of any kind. I was in my local grocery store looking to purchase some chocolate sauce without high fructose corn syrup (or corn syrup of any kind) and was surprised to find that even another locally produced, equally prestigious Chocolatier had corn syrup as their first ingredient. I'm glad they did, as it steered me to Dilettante's Ephemere SemiSweet Sauce - and what a find it was! HEAVEN. Make sure to warm it as it takes on an entirely different and better flavor than when out of the refrigerator.

I'm writing this review out of selfishness -- I'm hoping that more and more people will discover and buy it so that they never discontinue it! Out of this world!!!

Semisweet Ephemere Sauce

Clarkston WA
For an excellent, quick and easy mocha, using regular brewed coffee - In a large beer mug, put about 5 heaping Tbs dry milk, squeeze in about 3 or 4 tbs Ephemere sauce, and fill the mug with freshly brewed (from freshly ground beans)strong coffee and stir well.
Reviews 1-4 of 4