Ephemere® Dark Chocolate TruffleCremes® are rich and velvety.

Ephemere TruffleCremes in Dark Chocolate No. 52 - 10 oz

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Ephemere Double Dark Chocolate TruffleCremes are wonderfully delightful "dark" chocolates, individually wrapped in black foil. We flavor our dark chocolate TruffleCremes with our signature Ephemere flavor featuring notes of caramelized cream and...


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The Ephemere dark chocolate truffle creams are the best of any others' I've tried. Dilettante service is awesome too - my order arrived packed in dry ice, the next day!

I purchased these for a friends birthday and she was delighted with them. She loves dark chocolate and these filled the bill. I had sent her the same size package of the mint ones at Christmas. I ordered them on a Monday morning and they arrived at her post office box the next day!

! WOW !

This is an excellent chocolate. It is hard to make a DARK chocolate creamy and delicious but Dilettante has succeeded with this one. Our entire family enjoys this one.

A Long-Time Fan

Cameron Park, CA
Ever since I lived 8 blocks from their original store on Broadway, I've been hooked on Dilettante Chocolates, especially the Ephemeres. I've tried many other brands, NONE hold a candle to these. Rich, creamy, what one would expect from the descendant of the chocolatier to Emperor Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austria.

Delicious Discovery

Plymouth, MI.
My cousin there in Washington sent a box of the Truffle Cremes No. 52 to me here in southeast Michigan and I've become an instant fan! These are smooth, with just the right sweetness. I feel that I have found a delightful treasure that I will return to again and again.

Double Dark Chocolate Truffles

These are great truffles they are smooth and the quality of the chocolate is divine. You can taste the natural fruitiness of the cacao and its not bitter a very good quality chocolate. If you enjoy rich dark chocolate try these.

Ephemere Dark Chocolate No.52

Blue Ridge, Ga
I found this chocolate to be so good, it actually takes the place of all other chocolate products that I have ever tried! One piece is savored in three separate bites, melting the wonderful flavor slowly and satisfying my desire for dessert.

Great birthday gift!

Asheville, NC
Thanks Dad! Guess you know a truffleholic, since you raised one.

No contest absolutly the best !

If you are looking for the best blend of dark not too bitter and not too sweet this is the best out there.


I bought a box of these at Walmart, during Easter. I was skeptical about them, since some chocolates I have tasted have been hard and bitter. This is not the case in this one. It was creamy, melted in my mouth, smooth and rich. I became addicted. So I tore off the back of the box so I could try to find more, so here I am. FOUND THEM! One of the best chocolates I have ever tasted.

pure sensation!!

I am all about trying new things, food, places, etc. Plus I'm obsessed with dark chocolates. I have tried many products, but to be disappointed by those that did not have full texture and taste to it. To be honest when I picked this up, I was skeptical on how good it would taste. BUT! the first bite into this truffle was enough to put this right up in my all-time favorite top 5 dark chocolates list. From soft texture of truffle creme to full bodied taste of melting dark chocolate, it was absolutely phenomenal. It exceeded my expectations and I am now looking forward to tasting other flavors. I would totally recommend this to my friends!

Questionable freshness

Bought a box of these at a Wal-Mart to surprise my wife...the surprise is that the chocolates are covered with white blooms. The box indicates that it's still good until 2/9/2011. I don't know if it's a problem in the manufacturing or if they weren't shipped or stored properly. Either way, I expect better quality at this price.


This is the most delicious chocolate!! I eat each piece slowly and savor how smooth and rich it is. I share the other chocolates I buy from Dilettante, but the dark chocolate truffles are my own little secret treat. Mmmmmmm...

The best dark chocolate truffle ever

The Deep South
My husband put together a really great gift bag for me for Valentine's Day which included a box of these truffle creams. I am right now eating the last one and it makes me kind of sad. They are so delicious and creamy, and melt in your mouth. I hope my husband will get me more of them some time. I want to try your other chocolates, too.
Reviews 1-14 of 14