Raspberry Double Milk Chocolate TruffleCremes®

Raspberry TruffleCremes in Milk Chocolate No. 30 - 10 oz

4.92 stars, based on 12 reviews
Enjoy a fruity chocolate treat with Raspberry TruffleCremes from Dilettante Chocolates. Each luscious truffle center is a blend of premium chocolate ganache flavored with essence of real raspberries. We enrobe the smooth, velvety centers in a blend...


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Gave these chocolates 4 stars only because they are milk (not dark) chocolate. Please consider doing these in dark chocolate :-)

C lentz
Whooo Hooo!! love these. Nice raspberry to chocolate flavor, a smooth winner in my book

5star truffles - don't change a thing

Las Vegas
Milk chocolate & raspberry is the best combination - the sweet milk chocolate paired with the zing of raspberry. I don't like dark chocolate because it is bitter. This chocolate is sweet - don't change a thing.

Absolutely Amazing!

Spokane, WA
My boyfriend surprised me with these from Pikes and they are so good! I can't wait to try other flavors next.


These trufflecremes are so good! And they are the perfect size. Love the fact that they are individally wrapped in attractive papers. I will be ordering more soon! They arrived promptly and in good shape.


San Juan, PR
I was reluctant to try these at first, since so many raspberry flavored chocolate leaves a terrible chemical aftertaste, but these are fantastic! Very natural hint of raspberry that is very well balanced with the double milk chocolate. Especially at the very reasonable price! Only suggestion is to also create an orange flavor and perhaps ginger....

Great chocolate

absolutely loved the raspberry flavoring! Chocolate is smooth and creamy, nice texture.

Melts In Your Mouth

Temecula, CA
This favorite of mine almost melts in your mouth. Only 30 calories a piece. One is enough for me! It's rich enough that you don't keep eating more. But very satisfying. You're ready for a glass of milk afterwards, it's so rich a creamy.

Oh yum.

Wow. These are so good. While I am a huge chocolate lover, I don't normally like fruit-flavored chocolates. However, I'll make an exception for these. As someone else said, the flavor is natural and far from overwhelming. It's just right. And the texture of these truffles is just amazing. I received a box of these as a gift this weekend and, aside from sharing a few, have already gone through almost the entire box. It doesn't help that I'm eight months pregnant and craving sweets. Keep these away! Actually, please don't.

raspberry double milk chocolate truffle creme

manchester nh
Wow!! I found these truffles at a TJ Maxx store in NH. I was never a big fan of Truffles until I had these. Wow! The milk chocolate is excellent and the hint of raspberry... very fine.

The Unknown Truffle

Rich L. of New Haven, CT
I found this little known truffle in a Wal-Mart in Derby,CT. After I went through the entire stock, I traveled to other Wal-Mart's in my area but none of them carried this brand at all, let alone the Double Milk Chocolate Raspberry Truffle which is Out of This World yummy!! Now that my local Wal-Mart has again stocked their shelves with about 6 boxes (sadly) I have again gone through their stock and have finally decided to order directly from the manufacturer because otherwise I'll have to wait another two months b4 Wal-Mart re-stocks their shelves. Unfortunately, no other store that I am aware of sells these little gems.

Anyway, I highly suggest that you Buy em people, you will not regret it. Trust me. In fact, you'll like them so much you should just buy two boxes. Me, I think I'll buy a case!! TTFN

You know you want some

I knew I had to try these. And they are wonderful. Just the perfect combo, and the balance couldn't be better. First tried the Dilettante Coffee Trio TruffleCremes. Which I highly recommend. I'll be coming back for more!
Reviews 1-12 of 12