Annas Honey Bee Hives - Blackberry -  16 ounce

Blackberry Honey Beehive Bottle - Annas Honey - 16oz

4.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
Anna's Blackberry Honey Bee Hive is filled with blackberry honey produced in the Pacific Northwest. The bees that produce Anna's Blackberry Honey are raised on the nectar of Pacific Northwest blackberry shrubs. The blackberry flower, a great...


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best fruit flavored honey

Shelton, WA
Just the right amount of blackberry flavoring. We use this on waffles in the morning. It also has a good shelf life.


Dallas, Texas
I bought several jars of this honey while visiting Seattle in 2010 to give as gifts. This honey is SO good! I wish I had kept more jars for our family! All gone in too short a time!
Reviews 1-2 of 2