Biringers Farm Fresh Tea Cookies in Gift Tents  Raspberry - 6oz gift box

Raspberry Tea Cookies - Biringers Farm Fresh - 6oz Tent Box

5.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
Enjoy the sweet flavor of raspberry in these hearty, butter tea cookies.We use plenty of real butter in creating these tasty raspberry tea cakes for a delicious, melt in your mouth experience. Raspberry Tea Cookies from Biringer's Farm Fresh pair...


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seattle, wa
I just tried these raspberry tea cookies today and holy cow! They looked so small and uninteresting I was sure I wouldn't care for them. Ate the entire bag. Surprisingly scrumptious!


Trabuco Canyon, Ca.
When we lived in Redmond, I'd make weekly trips to Pikes Market and one of my stops was to pick up the Biringer Raspberry or Lemon Cookies. My first introduction to the cookies was when I was preparing for a tea party....and I ate all the leftovers, though there weren't many. The cookies were a big hit and I was hooked on both flavors. Since moving away I've only had them sent once for a party and don't dare to make it a habit. I have a friend who will soon be visiting Seattle and she's looking forward to tasting what I've been raving about!
Reviews 1-2 of 2