Gourmet sugar cookies infused with the<br>delicate flavor of lavender.

Lavender Sugar Cookies Baking Mix with Frosting - Coys Country NW - 16oz

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Enjoy old fashioned Sugar Cookies with a gourmet touch of lavender. Our Lavender Sugar Cookie Baking Mix makes it simple to indulge in a batch of fresh-baked goodies. Homemade cookies are made easy with Sugar Cookie Mix from Coy's Country - simply...


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Easy to Make and Absolutely Delicious !!

I purchased this mix after stumbling upon it at a local store here in Maryland. I love sugar cookies, and have always questioned lavender being used as a type of spice or seasoning. Being that the Holiday was around the corner, and instead of dying eggs that end up in the garbage I decided to pick the mix up and make Easter cookies.

The mix itself is easy to blend, instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I put two dough balls into the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap for about 30 minutes just to make it a littler firmer. I used 1/2 flour and 1/2 white sugar 'dusting powder' for my counter top to roll the dough out and used cookie cutters to create shapes.

Cookies backed beautifully on package instructions in about 8 minutes. They were firm, but soft and not too crunchy.

The frosting glaze was easy to make, at first I thought it was a bit dark. It kind of had a grayish appearance, I glazed the cookies as they were still warm by spooning it over the shapes and spreading it around with the back of the spoon. The glaze set pretty quickly once the cookies cooled off.

Absolutely delicious! Made a basic royal icing in addition and colored it festive spring colors and decorated them after.

needless to say, they'res about 3 left and only because we've been resisting against our will!!

Lovely and unexpected

I bought this as an experiment. Lavender is such a unique flavor, and in the US it's pretty unusual. Everything smelled delicious as I made it, and the outcome is fantastic! The lavender features really well without being overwhelming. My office mates enjoyed them quite a bit. The instructions could possibly use a little more detail for novice bakers, but all in all, really easy and fun to make.
Reviews 1-2 of 2