Indulge in rich, decadent chocolate cake.

Amazing Chocolate Pudding Cake Mix - Coys Country NW - 16oz

5.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
This deep rich Chocolate Pudding Cake is truly an amazing experience. It is amazingly delicious and amazingly simple to make. Just add a few fresh ingredients to the dry contents and soon you'll enjoy a luscious chocolate dessert. Coy's Country...


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Pudding Cake Mix a Winner

Blue Bell PA
I found this in our local Home Goods store gourmet section. Being a chocolate lover, I had to buy it. I made it and it was so easy, a child could have done it. When I served it to my friends, they all had seconds. Absolutely delicious, but the cholesterol level is quite high.

Taste of Chocolate Amazing Chocolate Pudding Cake

Alexa Avery
Ocean Park Washington
Oooy gooy rich & delicious. Just what you would want from a pudding cake. Thank you for providing it in this darling package, it makes gifting it tons of fun.
Reviews 1-2 of 2