Maury Island Farms Jams & Jelly Red Raspberry Jam - 11oz Jar

Red Raspberry Jam - Maury Island Farm - 11 oz

4.75 stars, based on 4 reviews
The red raspberry is the glory of the summer garden and grows well in Pacific Northwest's mild climate. Maury Island Farm Red Raspberry Jam combines Pacific Northwest red raspberries with fruit pectin and a controlled amount of sugar. The result is...


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Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Taste so close to homemade. I love that it doesn't have alot of preservatives. Clean simple and amazing taste. I am hooked and cannot picture having a different Jam company compare to these.

Homemade Taste!

Cailfornia Foodie
I bought a jar of red raspberry jam as a gift for a friend; she loved it and said it tasted like the jam she made with her mother - back east, and wants more!! so I'm giving it 5 stars.

My Favorite

Maury Island makes the best jams and preserves. Highly recommend.

Red Raspberry Jam-Maury Island Farm-11 oz.

Carol Rice
Laguna Niguel, CA
On the hunt for a raspberry jam that is comperable to Deer Mountain raspberry jam.

The first jar i opened the the consistancy of the product was a bit thicker than i had hoped for. But the second jar was perfect. Maybe because it might be made in small batches, the finished product may not be consistant?

Flavor was great. If the last jar is like the second, i will most likely re-order in the near future.

Thank you.
Reviews 1-4 of 4