Maury Island Farms Jams & Jelly Blackberry/Raspberry Jam - 11oz Jar

Blackberry Raspberry Jam - Maury Island Farm - 11 oz

5.00 stars, based on 14 reviews
This sweet-tart jam from Maury Island Farm has the bright flavor of raspberries combined with just enough blackberries to create a rich fruity undertone. Our all natural jam made with blackberries and raspberries is scrumptious on biscuits, English...


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This is my favorite jam for breakfast. No other jam can touch it.

A Wonderful Jam

Seattle, WA
Textured just right, tasting not too sweet or sour, its just right and the seeds do not offer a challenge there just is enough of them in the jam to remind you of its fruity origin! This jam bodes well in comparison to some the best I have had in England and I was surprised to find that Maury Island Farm is a Washington state local entity.


I purchased the Blackberry-Raspberry Jam and it's YUMMY on my pancakes. I will aslo use for toast. The taste is delicious.

Best Jam Ever!

Valley of the Sun
I have to order this online, now that I live in Arizona. Worth every shipping penny!!!!

Best Jam Ever!

Magee, MS
This jam is the best my family has ever tasted! I happened up on a jar at a closeout store and we loved it so much I now order from the website. This jam disappears FAST at our house!!!

Blackberry Raspberry Jam

Susan McLeod
Cartersville, GA (formerly Vashon, WA)
Simply the best jam I've ever eaten.

blackberry-rasberry Jam

Jefferson, Iowa
Love it!

Blackberry-Raspberry Jam

Nancy Harrison
Marysville Michigan
This jam is wonderful, fresh fruit taste, good on toast, bagels, pancakes and even ice cream.

Five Star all the Way

Moreen Jacobs
If you love blackberry jam, this is by far superior in taste and quality. I just by a case that way I can give some in gift bags and baskets. I don't think that you will be disappointed with this jam.

It Was a Religious Experience / Nirvana Jam

Northern California
Best jam EVAHHHHH. Eightyfive year old mum and sixty year old daughter agree on something!! At last jam with the intense flavor of wild summer berries. All we can say is we hope this jar was the rule not the exception. We are ordering a truck load. (well maybe not a truck but as much as possible while still keeping the utilities on)

Best in class and BEST IN GLASS!!!

My very, very, very favorite jam in the world

Liese Thomas
Bartlett, TN
What flavor! Out of this world!


Hi,Am glad to verify anexcellant product. My taste buds go back 76+ yrs. The mix blackberry/raspberry is a fantastic treat,and goes with most crackers ,toast icecream,and excellant 'short-cake additive'. Although there are some great tastes coming out of Switzerland now, I've turned around to Maury.

only one BEST

maury island farm
florissant missouri
Both my wife and I are over 70 years of age. While looking thru Amazon's website, I saw an ad for Maury Island Farm jams and jellies. I was impressed by the slogan "taste the fruit NOT the sugar". While the prices seemed gourmet, I thought what the I gonna leave all the money to my survivors??? I bought the 4 pk sampler. It arrived this a.m. and we opened it, got a teaspoon and each tried a little of the blackberry/raspberry. WOW!!! By far the best we have tasted in 30 years. I am buying more samplers and sending them to very special people. This is 5 star quality all the way.


Williamsburg, VA
This has got to be the best blackberry jam we've ever tasted. On scones with a little butter is heaven!
Reviews 1-14 of 14