Maury Island Farms Jams & Jelly Marion berry Jam - 5.5oz Jar

Marionberry Jam - Maury Island Farm - 5.5 oz

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Maury Island Farm Marionberry Jam is a true Pacific Northwest treat. Larger, sweeter and juicier than the blackberry, the marionberry was developed by cooperative extension service researchers in Oregon over 50 years ago. Marionberries started as...


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Ever heard of "Marionberry?"

Gurley, Alabama
Neither had I, but gave it a try and love the jam!!! This a wonderfully, deeply flavored, dark-berry jam that makes any breakfast a joy. Maury Island Farm has a winner here, and I will be a repeat customer as long as they offer this jam. By the way, the shipping was prompt and the packaging was done by an expert who knows his (her?) stuff to have things survive today's rough handling along the way.
Reviews 1-1 of 1