Myntz! Vanillamynt Blast

VanillaMynt Blast - Myntz - 6 Pack 1.75 oz each

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Smooth vanilla flavor mixes with all natural peppermint to create one sensational taste! This unique blend freshens breath with a sweet vanilla zest, curing your sweet tooth and bad breath in one easy step. Just use one sweet mint for an instant...


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We've been using Myntz since 2007 and order on line because we could no longer find them in our local Ralleys Grocery store.

When my husband quit smoking, he was substituting other mints which caused dental decay. Soon we discovered Myntz and his dental problems have substantially decreased.

We appreciate the service we receive from Mnytz, and expect to be long time customers.

we love these mints we buy both flavors. And both are great tasting, and I like the fact that it's good for your teeth.

Bring back the Green Tea with Ginseng. That's what I really want. VanillaMynt is just OK. A little strong for my taste

Product is adequate. However I still prefer he Green Tea Mintz and wish you would bring them back into production.

Guy Astley
Seattle, Washington
Vanilla Myntz are the best tasting mints I have found. I have been buying them for nine years and will continue to buy them

I like the fact that they dissolve rather quickly if you decide to suck on them. I usually get two boxes of 6 at a time but this last time I bought 12 boxes because I am going through them so fast.

Best Mints Ever!

Houston, Tx
After finding Mintz at the store once, I was totally hooked. The facts that they reduce acidity and have no sugar are what sold me. I like the taste too. The store no longer carries them, so I get them by mail, because they are worth ordering in bulk. My grown kids are sold on them too. This is a great product!

Best Mints or Myntz around

United States
I had a can a few years back and could never find them again. Then today I found the old can with the website. These are the best mints I have ever had. Added bonus is they are healthy.

fine mints

this mints are pretty good. they freshen breath, but dont last long at all. (mabey 5 min.)

Great Myntz

I love these mints. Wish you would bring back the Green Tea flavor.

Great work stress reliever

I average finishing off a box of Myntz a week. They are a better nibble/stress reliever than candy!

The tins are donated to a local group for art projects.

Great-tasting Myntz!

Palm Springs, CA
I have been eating Myntz for at least a decade and my favourite flavour is definitely VanillaMynt Blast. I keep these at my desk, in my handbag, messenger bag, although. Just like that credit card commercial: I never leave home without them! I do miss the small-size tins, which Myntz discontinued, but good thing I have a few on hand and just re-fill them.

I like them. Keep me from eating fatty foods.

Freshens my mouth. Keeps me from eating fattening foods. Helps with dry mouth.

I love VanillaMyntz!

Eugene, OR
These are the best mints ever! The vanilla makes them taste more like candy, but -bonus- they are sugar-free and actually good for me :-) Everyone I give them to loves them, too. Shame I can't find them in stores anymore, but hooray for the internet!

I Mynt to say something about this

The weight loss program I have been on for over a year now suggested that I have a mint if I feel a little hungry. I always have a few Myntz in my pocket. I reached my goal in 2017 having lost about 40 lbs. The VanillaMynt Blast are my favorite!

Love the Myntz! Breathmints

Fountain Valley, CA
I was exposed to Myntz at our local Trader Joe's market a few years ago. The little lady likes them, and so do I. They are our exclusive must have breathmints when going out in public.

Thanks for a great product!


Tanika H.
I was skeptical about these mints and the way they would taste, but I have been looking for something healthy but good to keep my breathe fresh and yummy. These are perfect. I am always sharing them and so far everyone's been coming back for seconds! Great mints!

Montreal loves your mints

Montreal QC
Bon Jour dudes and dudetts, everyone here at Bombardier that tries your mints get hooked on them.

Great stuff, any more flavors coming out?

My habit

I love the combination of the taste of vanilla and mint, and I really love the fact that they are sugar free. I do miss the green tea/gensing mints and have emailed the maker three times inquiring about their return, but MYNTZ has not bothered to answer me.

My mint obsession

🌺 Lotus Eaters 🌺
I've always had a love for minty things and this just made it so much better! I always tried different mints from stores but they all had a bitter taste. After buying these I also started having to visit the dentist less! Thank you myntz 🔥

Sweet breath of air.

Kerry "White Wolf"
I have very bad sinus problems and I'm not willing to use a lot of medications. So when ever I want a slightly sweet taste that helps open me up, I pop a Vanillamynt. It helps me breath easier without the sugary after taste that other mints leave.

The one thing my husband always wants

Laveen, AZ
This is the one thing my husband always wants to make sure he has enough of before he deploys on his 6month deployments. He loves these mints and these are one of the few, if not the only ones he will use.

I love them too, and will happily buy lots of tins just to make sure we have plenty around the house.

These mints are so smooth and so tasty. We love that they are sugar free, unlike other mints, and come in a reusable tin can. They make our breath smell wonderful, and our mouths so kissable. We are life long customers, I don't think I'll ever go back to regular mints again.

Too strong.

They tasted nothing like my other pack. I loved them. Lots of vanilla taste. These were very minty. Couldn’t taste any vanilla. Don’t know why.

VanillaMynt Blast

Leavenworth, WA
This is such a great product! I wake up during the night and have a very dry mouth, so I pop some mints and don't have to worry about my teeth as they are sugar free. I go through this boxes in a few days and would prefer to buy them by the pound, as its such a waste of tin cans, as I can only use so many for things. Have given them to kindergarten kids/teacher. OR send the tin boxes back and have them filled with a discount.

Vanillamynt Blast - Myntz!

love the vanillamynt, but I wish you have it in natural spearmint flavor as well.

VanillaMynt Blasts Doctor & Dentist Approved!

Jim Paget
My wife and I have had nothing but resounding success with VanillaMynt Blasts since discovering them in ShopKo back in October 2005. It proved more convenient to order them online and that is what we have done now since 2008.

A dental hygienist while cleaning my teeth recommended Biotène for dry mouth but when I told her about VanillaMynt Blasts sugar free she readily agreed that was just fine. When my wife was in the hospital for a heart operation they severely limited what could be brought in to her but when I showed them your tin the doctor pronounced it fine, which pleased my wife greatly due to the dry mouth she was experiencing. Both of us use the product for the dry mouth and just because they taste great. I keep a tin by my bedside to relieve dry mouth brought on by medicines I take. It used to be I’d have to drink water and that kept me up too often to use the bathroom.

Anyway, yes we recommend your product without condition. Your free delivery and quick, one or two day delivery is also much appreciated.

Reviews 1-26 of 26