Sample our three most popular biscotti bite flavors.

Biscotti Bites Assortment - 9.5 oz

5.00 stars, based on 3 reviews
Dilettante's famous deluxe butter biscotti now in a bite-size form. The assorted wheel allows you to taste all three of our chocolate dipped biscotti; Triple Chocolate Dipped in White Chocolate, Valencia Orange Dipped in White Chocolate, and...


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Biscotti Bites
I am a full blooded Italian and I have made a lot of biscotti over the years. This product is the best assortment of biscotti I have ever tested. They will be perfect for my daughter's wedding. (I boxed up five to a small box for a small after dinner treat! I know the guests will love them. Thank you

Bite, Bite, Bite

This package contains a nice selection of flavors and was a favorite of the whole family.. We ate up all the cookies in a hurry. This was easy because of the bite size nature of the packaging. Everyone had a favorite flavor but I liked them all. I'm keeping this next box all to myself. We had also ordered a larger package of dark chocolate covered almond biscotti. These didn't last long either. Yummy and not as hard as the ones I've been buying individually. I like them fresher. I recommend a big try on these products.

Excellent biscotti!

Very good biscotti. I loved the whole assortment. This is a rather large little package and it will serve quite a few.
Reviews 1-3 of 3