Ephemere® Dark Chocolate TruffleCremes® No. 52

Ephemere TruffleCremes in Dark Chocolate - 5 oz

5.00 stars, based on 5 reviews
Ephemere Double Dark Chocolate TruffleCremes are wonderfully delightful "dark" chocolate pieces, individually wrapped in black foil. We flavor our dark chocolate TruffleCreme with our signature Ephemere flavor featuring notes of caramelized cream...


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C lentz
These are awesome, so satisfying! Cures my craving for chocolate. Great, Great truffle!!

Julie Herrell
My friend had these given to her at Christmas. I ate some at her party. They are by far the best dark chocolate that I have ever eaten. Melt in your mouth. Love them.

Delightful surprise!

Knoxville, Tn.
My son got these for a friend of his who loves dark chocolate. I had no idea what they were, but as soon as I popped one in my mouth my taste buds were delighted!

I especially like that they are soft and creamy and the flavor is delicious. I'd definitely recommend this product to others.

The BEST Chocolate on the planet!

Macon, GA
I have never been a dark chocolate fan, and yet the Ephemere Dark Chocolate Truffle Cremes had me hooked at my first tasting. I just ordered a case! They are just sweet enough and bitter enough at the same time and they literally melt in your mouth...A couple a day satisfies my sweet tooth without ruining my diet! I am a FOREVER fan of the Ephemere Truffle Cremes! Dilettante has created "Heaven" for the tastebuds with these!

The Very Best

Carol Marian
Butler, PA
As a dark chocolate connoisseur , I have found these to be the ultimate in luxury dark. If you love dark chocolate, try these for the ephemeral experience! Delightful!
Reviews 1-5 of 5