Annas Flavored Honey Stix - Strawberry

Sour Strawberry Flavored Honey Stix - Annas Honey - Qty 100

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Enjoy pure honey infused with all natural strawberry essence. Anna's Honey Sour Strawberry Honey Sticks are a delightful treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth. A hint of tart strawberry highlights the smooth sweetness of Anna's Honey, perfect...


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Healthy and delicious

Melissa V.
Hoodsport, WA
This is a great option for kids that have a sweet tooth, one of these sticks is just enough. We recieved the sour strawberry and it is sour, but not so sour that you pucker, so a light sour flavor. Also this is a great way to get the kids to take their honey for allergies, it's already measured out and the kids think it's a treat! I will always come back to Anna's Honey, it is the best quality!
Reviews 1-1 of 1