Luscious dried fruits covered in premium chocolate blends.

Classic Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley - 3 lb

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Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley is a Dilettante Chocolates signature item. We take luscious real dried fruit and coat them in thick layers of rich, smooth gourmet chocolate using our special revolving kettles. Soft chocolate coatings in milk, dark,...


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Incredible - chocolate covered fruit has to be done just right, and this is the best I've ever had. Apricots and strawberries particularly delectable!

Moreno Valley, CA
These are very good, filling and addictive. I like the assortment of chocolate (milk, white, Dark) they come in. Very colorful and look great in a crystal bowl for a party. They are also in assorted sizes ranging from a size of a marble to a very small strawberry.


Colorado Springs, Colorado
These are so good, almost addictive.....

candy of the gods!

pa usa
I started buying the small bags from Walmart, the problem was the bag was too small! Now I'm buying the 32oz size. As everyone else said: they are addictive. I love them and they are my new favorite candy. Try them, they're the best!

Chocolate Covered Fruit is the Best!

This product is awesome. It is the Best Chocolate Covered Fruit I have ever tasted. I used to buy it at Trader Joe's but since they don't carry it anymore, I was happy to find it online.

Chocolate fruit delight

I have been purchasing fruit medley chocolate for several years. This company continues to be consistent in taste and quality.

Chocolate fruit dragees

Santa Clara, CA
These were introduced to me by my husbands parents. they're wonderful! Last year, I saw a similar product for sale in my local grocery store so I bought some and was sorely disappointed. They just weren't even in the same league as the Dilettante dragees. For me, I have to limit my orders because they are incredibly craveable!!

Dilettante Means Quality Chocolate & Fruit

Roanoke, TX
My husband received Dilettante's chocolate covered fruit for Christmas. Neither of us are too keen on chocolate covered fruit, that was until we tried Dilettante's. Within a month the chocolate covered fruit was eaten up. We liked it so much...we've purchased more.

I think the difference is the quality. Great chocolate and good fruit...a winning combination.

i am stephanie love and i ate a whole jar in three days

i want more hurry and send my new order. these are unbelievable!!!!!!!

My reward

I love this product. I generally get these as Holiday gifts but, I decided I needed to have a stash for my reward when I needed it. Unfortunately, my family found them. I let them have a jar, and I hid mine away with my China Painting supplies. No one will find them there! I have a treat whenever I need one, or company drops by. I serve them n hand-painted bon-bon dishes. I will definately purchase more at holiday time. The chocolate melts in your mouth and the fruit is excellent quality. The chocolates shipped in excellent condition despite the high temperature outside.


Shipping is too much !!!



They make you smile:)

The best chocolate fruit ever!

This is the absolute best chocolate covered fruit that I have ever eaten. Beware though this is a HUGE jar and you will eat the whole freaking thing!!

You won't stop eating them!

Dayton, Ohio
These are amazing! Buy some! But be prepared... you won't stop eating them!
Reviews 1-14 of 14