Cinnamon Creamed Honey - Annas Honey - 10.5oz Cinnamon Creamed Honey, Annas Honey, Spun Honey, Creamed Honey, Cinnamon Flavored Honey, Cinnamon

Cinnamon Creamed Honey - Annas Honey - 10.5oz

4.80 stars, based on 5 reviews
All natural cinnamon meets sweet, pure honey in this spreadable gourmet treat. Anna's Cinnamon Creamed Honey is nonfat and made without refined sugar. Also known as honey butter, our creamed honey is made fresh, using natural honey straight from...


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Best creamed honey ever!

Susan S.
Chino Hills, California
I bought this while on a trip to Washington and brought it home to Southern California. It's really the best creamed honey I've ever had. I'm almost out and want to get more and also give as gifts to my family. I got the cinnamon flavor and it has a very mild cinnamon flavor. Not too bold. Really love it.

Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Cool, CA
We LOVE this honey!!

My sister gave me a jar and I'm hooked! I gave a couple jars out as gifts @ Christmas and now my friends will be hooked too :)

I ordered them online and the service was fast and very efficient.

Worth it.


San Diego, CA
Love the texture, taste, and look of this honey! Not what I'd call honey-butter (I literally make mine from equal parts of honey and butter, blended until it's homogenous, creamy end-product,) but it is so tasty! Definitely worth every penny.

Great tasting cinnamon honey

Shelton, WA
This honey has just the right amount of cinnamon. We use it on toast or a bagel each morning. It's spreadable without being runny. Will order again


I found this honey at a store in Truckee, CA on vacation so I bought a couple jars to take home with me. I am always interested in trying different honey flavors that I find at farmer's markets and whole foods stores. I had never tasted creamed honey before, and was not disappointed when I did get to finally taste it. Delicious! Now I want to try the other flavors!
Reviews 1-5 of 5