Annas Honey Bee Hive - Raspberry -  16 ounce

Raspberry Honey Beehive Bottle - Annas Honey - 16oz

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Anna's Raspberry Honey is harvested from bees that pollinate Pacific Northwest raspberry plants. Dedicated beekeepers of Washington State produce Anna's premium natural raspberry honey. Our raspberry floral variety honey is produced in remote...


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The honey had large crystals in the bottom of the bottle and the honey was grainy. We had this honey before and it was wonderful. We were very disappointed in it.


Marysville, Wa
the taste of Anna's Honey is very clean...the beehive bottle is so cute...with little bees in the design...I was very happy at how prompt I received the package I ordered...the next day!!!...Anna's Honey is a treat...I am enjoying it right now over yogurt with a sprinkling of cinnamon...yum...I look forward to trying more of Anna's Honey...

Honey may or may not crystallize

I have not purchased this honey. I was on the site looking for what to charge for my honey and saw these reviews. Honey crystallizes based on largely on the type of nectar the bees gather. It has nothing at all to do with whether or not it is "real" honey. If your honey has large crystals in it, that means it is beginning to crystallize. It does not spoil the honey. Put it out in the sun on hot days. This does not raise the temperature of the honey much but the honey will eventually clear. It may crystallize again.

to Linda

Real honey crystallizes in 3-6 weeks after it was gathered, fake doesn't. This honey doesn't for a long time which makes me think.
Reviews 1-4 of 4