Honey in Glass Jars - Wildflower - 18oz

Wildflower Honey - Glass Jar - Annas Honey - 18oz

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At Anna's Honey we produce only the finest quality honey harvested in the Pacific Northwest. Anna's Wildflower Honey is no exception. Harvested from bees who pollinate wildflowers in remote locations, Anna's premium honey is carefully handled in...


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Absolutely superlative honey.

Portland, Oregon
My personal experience is that this honey not only has extraordinary taste but has unexpected positive side-benefits. Let me explain. I have a chronic ulcerative disease that flares from time to time. While the disease is normally held in check by medication, the effect of the medication has dramatically diminished during the last two months. So another drug was tried. No luck. I woke up one morning with a dramatic craving for honey. I bought a bottle of Anna's Wildflower Honey and have been taking five tablespoons per day for the last two weeks. During that time, the disease has progressively loosened its grip. Today I've returned almost to normal. I can't scientifically prove it, but my belief is that the honey itself exerted some kind of healing effect. Then again, the drugs may have been slow to kick in. Or maybe the honey interacted with body chemistry to facilitate the drugs. It's difficult to separate causality from correlation. But my personal observation is crystal clear: remission of symptoms directly correlated with honey consumption. Even better, it's the best honey I ever tasted!

Wonderful, delicious and good for me

Lynnwood, WA
This honey is delicious. I have tried some other raw honeys and I find this one to be the best tasting. I drink lots of good quality loose leaf tea and this honey compliments it well. I'm also using this wildflower honey to attempt to alleviate some of my seasonal allergy symptoms - not sure if it's working yet but it sure tastes great trying.
Reviews 1-2 of 2