Annas Honey Raspberry Honey Pint Plus Jar 36 oz

Raspberry Honey Large Mason Jar - Annas Honey - 36oz

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Pure Raspberry Honey from Anna's Honey provides a perfect, natural way to sweeten everyday recipes and beverages. Add a spoonful while making lemonade, mix a healthy scoop into your favorite barbeque sauce recipe, or stir a dollop into your...


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Honey Smile
Wenatchee, WA
The Raspberry honey is wonderful! It is light and works well in tea, baking, or by the tablespoon full. It does not take over other flavors when used in baking. On oatmeal it is devine. Annas honey is quick to deliver and the prices fair.

Best Honey EVER!

Honey Lover
East Wenatchee, WA
Been purchasing our honey exclusively from Anna's since we found her website a few years ago. We prefer the Raspberry honey because it is just the right sweetness and has a mild flavor. We can put it on our cereal, make granola, and cook with it. The flavor adds, but does not take over. We also enjoy the Blackberry honey for the same reasons and a change of flavor.

We only purchase raw honey and Anna's is not as thick as most of the commercial varities; making it much easier to use and should last longer. However, in our house, it never last too long! Thank you Anna's for the incredible honey!

E. Wenatchee

E. Wenatchee
This is a very mild honey. Some of the best I have ever tasted. My husband and I have it on our oatmeal, with tea and in cooking. You know it is there, but it does not take over when cooking with it. I highly recommend this honey!

Just the best!

Roger S
Park Ridge, IL
I wish Anna's Honey had an auto ship program so as to save me the time of reordering this every two months. This honey makes us happy in so many ways. The taste is so delicately sweet and perfect for cooking, drinking, and not surprisingly, gift giving. Everyone who enjoys this honey at our home asks about it because it tastes that special.

Given the anti inflammatory benefits of honey and the purity of this brand my wife and our Cattle dog both enjoy their daily regiment with very good results.

Love this stuff!

Covington Wa
I have ordered from Annas twice now and I love it. I use it for everything including Elderberry syrup, baking, last night I even used ti to make honey, lime chicken. My kids eat a teaspoon daily and my oldest uses it to wash her face to control her acne. Odd use but works for her skin and is not to harsh like all of the other cleaners. I highly recommend Annas Honey. Great for multiple uses!
Reviews 1-5 of 5