Wildflower Honey in Pint Plus Jar 36 oz

Wildflower Honey Large Mason Jar - Annas Honey - 36 oz

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Anna's Wildflower Honey is made from the nectar gathered from Pacific Northwest wildflower blooms. Our dedicated bee keepers lovingly tend the honeybees that produce our raw, Grade A honey. Try Wildflower Honey from Anna's Honey for a natural...


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Anna's Honey

Mesquite, NV
Of all the specialty honeys on the market, Anna's offers the best. I am not a fan of clover honey and after moving to southern Nevada several years ago, we cannot find anything other than clover. Nevada being next door to Utah, I would have thought that Utah would have produced many other varieties than just clover. Not so. So, when we are visiting family in Washington (where we are originally from), I stock up before heading back home. I have found that Anna's is my favorite.

Wildflower honey

Washington state
Delicious pure unadulterated honey.. so glad I found Anna’s

Wildflower Honey

Linda Chandler
This is the best honey you will ever eat!! I found it in Washington state a few years ago and I have been ordering it ever since, My family will eat nothing else, it is so good for so many different things. YOU WILL LOVE IT!! THANK YOU ANNA FOR THE BEST HONEY EVER. **********
Reviews 1-3 of 3