Natural Creamed Honey - Annas Honey- 10.5oz Natural Creamed Honey, Annas Honey, Spun Honey, Creamed Honey, Natural Flavored Honey

Natural Creamed Honey - Annas Honey- 10.5oz

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For the pure taste of sweet, natural honey in an easily spreadable blend, try Anna's Natural Creamed Honey. Also known as whipped honey, Anna's Natural Creamed Honey is made with pure honey harvested straight from the hives of Pacific Northwest...


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Excellent Product!

I couldn't be more pleased with the texture and taste of the creamed honey. Iv been dipping my spoon in the jar all day. I also Ordered the Apricot creamed honey which is just as lovely. A little pricey on the shipping and the honey itself isn't a modest amount but I must admit...I'm definitely rebuying. Honey lovers will be delighted.

Favourite honey ever!

Vancouver, BC
I buy a jar of this whenever I cross the border into Washington state and savour it until the next time I can make the trip! Perfect consistency and amazing flavour every time.


My favorite..Put it on a english muffin with peanut butter.(or toast) I love it.
Reviews 1-3 of 3