Australian Ginger Biscotti dipped in Semi-Sweet Chocolate - Dilettante - 32 Pieces

Australian Ginger Biscotti in Semisweet Chocolate - 32 Piece

5.00 stars, based on 3 reviews
Australian Ginger known to be the highest quality ginger in the world - at Dilettante we have combined with premium cookie ingredient and Dilettante gourmet chocolate with Dilettante's special butter biscotti. Butter biscotti is a cookie that has...


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These biscotti are the BEST!!! I don't get to have them often enough.

"racy" biscotti

Andrew L.
Every next one would be tastier than the first one. This is racy biscotti so you'll really enjoy even 1 piece.

5 star!!

Kent, WA
This is the best tasting biscotti that I have ever tasted. Of course I happen to love ginger and dark chocolate. I go out of my way to the Kent station Dilettane cafe for one of these and a mint tea.
Reviews 1-3 of 3