Annas Honey in Pint Plus Jars - Blackberry -  36 Ounce

Blackberry Honey Pint Plus Mason Jar - Annas Honey - 36oz

Natural Blackberry Honey in a large glass Mason Jar.

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Anna's Blackberry Honey
Treasure Island, Florida
I decided to open an old jar of honey to use it up. I was tired of moving it around my cupboards for years. I have moved across country twice since being entrusted with it - not even sure how that happened. To make a long story short, I noticed the word "blackberry". So I had to taste it before putting it in my beloved coffee. My daughter, standing beside me, laughed so hard at me she began to snort (not pretty). My eyes lit up and before I knew it, these words came out of my mouth as I turned away from my coffee. "This is way too good for my coffee!" which makes no sense because I absolutely love my coffee. The next thing you know, my spoon had delved in again...and again...and again. What was I thinking not enjoy this wonderful treat sooner??? The slight hint of berry gives it a light "happy" flavor.
Anna's Natural Blackberry Honey
Colorful palette
A friend brought me a jar of Blackberry Honey from Anna's Honey. The texture

and thickness is balanced just right. Some of the best tasting honey that I

have ever tried. It is good in coffee, tea, on vanilla ice cream, just a spoonful by itself. When my jar is gone I will order another!
Blackberry Honey
Oroville WA
Love this honey! Quality is excellent, and I always receive it quickly. This is the only place I order honey from!!!