Create custom chocolate beverages with Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce.

Ephemere Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce - Bulk 5 lb

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Indulge the senses with Ephemere Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce from Dilettante Chocolates. This gourmet dark chocolate sauce is made with the same premium chocolate and butter proprietary method created by the Davenport Chocolatier family over a...


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Best by far!

North carolina
After being introduced to dilettante, there is now no other chocolate. Outstanding in every way.

bittersweet ephemere

Ephemere is a premium chocolate, not a hershey pablum. Order only if you want CHOCOLATE in your life. I just wish it was easier to get out of the bottle!

Good Choco.. bad container

The product inside is awesome. However, since it requires refrigeration after opening, it become thick and stiff.. making it next to impossible to get out of the container while cold. I have to squash it down with as much force as I can muster just to get a couple of table spoons worth of product out.

A much better design of the container is needed.
Reviews 1-3 of 3