Original Chocolate Decadence Cookies

Original Chocolate Decadence Cookies - 8 oz

5.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
Chocolate Decadence shortbread cookies from Dilettante Chocolates are an exquisitely rich treat. Using only the simplest ingredients and real butter we created these delicious shortbread cookies and then enrobe them in rich dark chocolate to create...


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Perfection, and well sized!

Santa Clara, CA
I try to only eat one, and I can because the cookie is very sizeable and so delicious!I will be ordering them for favors for an upcoming event!


Seattle, Wa
I do not bake cookies and randomly picked these up at a store in Sea Tac airport as I was traveling to meet with co-workers for a bb-q same day and wanted to contribute something to the meal...let me just say these were such a HIT!! I heard comments such as, "I think this is the best cookie I've ever had!!" and "I dont even particulary like chocolate, however these are great!!" the container was devoured and some of my company admitted to eating more than there share so again, a hit indeed. I plan to order these on an on-going basis to give to my clients, for friend/family functions,etc.
Reviews 1-2 of 2