Bulk Blackberry Natural Honey - 12lb bucket

Bulk Blackberry Honey - Annas Honey - 12lb Pail (1 gal)

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Feed the family hive and save with Anna's delicious Bulk Blackberry Honey. Enjoy our freshly harvested blackberry honey from the Pacific Northwest. A bucket of honey is perfect for all your honey supply needs. When you buy in bulk, direct...


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Better than I expected!

Took a blind chance for my friend and myself, to split a bucket. Gave some away so others could experience and enjoy. Just ordered another bucket, been 3 or 4 months now maybe. Delivery was fast and sure. The price is very good and even with shipping better than any local deal. The quality...is...out of this world. Start my day with a spoonful! It is thick. Rich. So delightful. You might want to do the same.

Blackberry Honey - A taste of home

I am from the north west and and always loved the honey that was from my area. Since I have moved to the south east I have found that the honey did not taste the same. Though it did not taste bad it was not a taste that I would go out of my way for. About a year ago I ordered 4 samples of different honey and found the honey that tasted the same as I remember. I am very happy with the 12lb pail of honey and the peanut butter & honey sandwiches that come with it.

Great Product

Delicious natural honey. Great value. On my 5th bucket and plan on more.

Great product, at a great price!

Houma, LA
I bought this 12 pound pail to make a 5 gallon batch of mead after having disappointing results with honey from the local supermarket. All that I can say is this stuff is amazing!

It's Real!

I shudder everytime I go to a store to purchase mass produced "honey" then bring it home to have it tasting more like thick sugar. As someone who uses honey almost exclusively as a sweetener I decided enough was enough and did a web search which brought me to Anna's Honey. I figured why not order in bulk because it's certainly a much better value than the 6 or 7 dollars I pay for much less at the mass marketers? I received my honey a few days later (after receiving an email including tracking info etc which is always a plus for me when shopping online!)and couldn't wait to try it. I ripped open the well-packaged box and tore open the lid of the honey and imediately tried it. All I can say is: Amazing! That true "honey" taste was evident immediately. I am very pleased and can't wait to continue to order this honey not only for myself, but for gifts. Thanks Anna's Honey for providing such an incredible product at a great price!


WOW!! This honey is sooo good! I can't wait to order the 60lb pail. This blackberry flavor is the best. I would recommend this product many times over.

Real Honey

Point Roberts WA
Last fall I ordered this 12lb pail of honey, and have shared it with others, baked with it, used it as sweetener instead of processed sugar. Soon I will be ready to order another pail. This is a best value in raw local honey. Last summer I fell and scraped my knees. After cleaning the scrapes I applied the honey and felt instant pain relief, and much faster healing. Honey is a natural antibiotic and can relieve allergy symptoms too. Thank you Anna!
Reviews 1-7 of 7