Bulk Clover Natural Honey - 12lb bucket

Bulk Clover Honey - Annas Honey - 12lb Pail (1 gal)

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A handy pail filled with all natural clover honey from Anna's Honey, the gourmet honey provider of the Pacific Northwest. Our Clover honey is a popular varietal harvested straight from the hives of wild honeybees. Anna's Bulk Clover Honey is a...


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Great product and will continue to make purchases. Thanks again,Pete

Best honey ever!

Puyallup, Wa
I just ordered a gallon of this local honey, and it is fresh, and very sweet and so good! I have given up sugar, but still need a little sweetness and cream in my morning cup of coffee, this is just perfect for me, also in iced tea. Absoultely a 5 star food, love this, plus buying in bulk its very cost effective! Thanks Annas honey, I love your product.

Best Raw Honey in a long time

This one is fantastic, all 4 of us (2 kids) agreed it's very flavorful, more so than the blackberry one, which was also good BTW. ordering more.

Bulk Clover Honey

Covington, Washington
I always buy Anna's honey in bluk as I use it frequently in recipes. One of my favorite drinks is Anna's clover honey with apple cider vinegar and water. I also like the fact that I am buying honey that is close to home. I will continue to buy from Anna's Honey.

Bulk Clover Honey - Anna Honey - 12lb Pail (1 gal) Rating

Tuan Pham
Yes, It meets my expectation with 5 stars for rating. I will recommend

to all my friends. If they need or concern it.

Clover Honey

Moreno Valley ,CA
Fresh and very tasty

I LOVE Anna's Honey!

Seattle, WA
My husband and I consume 12 lbs of honey every few months and use it instead of sugar. It's wonderful to have a local source of raw honey that comes in bulk!!
Reviews 1-7 of 7