Bulk Clover Natural Honey - 60lb bucket

Bulk Clover Honey - Annas Honey - 60lb Pail (5 gal)

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A handy, resealable pail filled with 60 pounds of all natural, pure clover honey from Anna's Honey - the gourmet honey provider of the Pacific Northwest. Our light and sweet clover honey is a popular varietal harvested in remote locations, straight...


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great honey

Long Island, NY
Thank you for offering a great product. We use your honey for almost all our sweetening. My children love watching me fill all our jars. And eating it too!!

Great product for great price

My family and I use a lot of honey, from our teas, desserts, to just everyday savory dishes. This bulk clover honey has good mild flavor and has enough to last us about a year or so. We are already on our second bucket! Towards year end, the honey starts crystalizing around the sides and bottom of bucket but it's nothing that some muscle grease and sturdy utensils won't fix. We suspect that this is due to dehydration and the temperature being colder in our pantry.

Perfect Honey

Jj from Long Island
Our honey arrived quickly and we wasted no time diving into its goodness. A wonderful mild clover honey!,we even made some creamed honey from it. We are all enjoying this sweet treat and with 60 lbs of it we will enjoy it for a while.
Reviews 1-3 of 3