Buckeye Bean Soup - 12 Oz

Bean Soup - Buckeye Beans and Herbs - 12oz

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Be confident that you're feeding your family well - with wholesome Buckeye Beans and Herbs Bean soup mix. Soup makes a healthy meal for lunch or dinner. Bean soup in particular, is an excellent source of protein, and contains certain B vitamins,...


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Hollywood, Fl
cooked your country split pea soup yesterday and it was a hit. Its hot in Miami but the soup was awesome even in the hot weather. I'm going to try and locate some more this week.

Always a winner!

Jeanne from PA
My family always looks forward to my "homemade" delicious soups whenever they come back home for the holidays. Paired with an Artisan bread and some fruit, this hearty soup is ready and waiting when they arrive. It is absolutely delicious!


Beefed-Up Barley Soup
This is one of my favorites, they are all very good, next would be the white chili chicken soup, but I must say I have yet to have a bad one. I LOVE THEM ALL!

Best soup package ever!!!

This is simply THE best soup mix ever!! I added grilled chicken pieces and shredded turkey instead of ham! I also added an extra cup of water.

It's was imply delirious and everyone ate it up, alas, it was gone! Next time, I will make a double batch!

Buckeye Bean Soup

Crossville, Tennessee
This soup mix is absolutely outstanding. My husband loves it. I have served it to company on many occasions, and everytime I do,everybody raves over it. I love it because it not only pleases everybody, it is so easy to make. Although the recipe on the box calls for lean ground beef, I use ground turkey, and it tastes just as good. I keep several boxes on hand. It only takes an hour to simmer, so I am always prepared to fix a quick supper on short notice.


We received the Buckeye Bean Soup in a gift basket. I cooked it today, and it was delicious! Made cornbread to go with it...great meal for a winter evening.


Just had the opportunity to try this soup....just wonderful flavor...will use it over and over again


Just had the opportunity to try this soup....just wonderful flavor...will use it over and over again

Delishiosity Level 10!

Palmdale, CA
My Wife Tamra used her InstaPot, a modern day version of a pressure cooker, nay 'miracle cooker,' and 45 minutes later we had a bowl of pure magic

The Instant Pot is pure alchemy in the way it fully develops each and every bean, and other ingredients, until it resolves the flavors to their specific natural goodness and individual personality.

This is high definition cooking perfected and the Buckeye Bean Soup... magic!

Excellent hearty natural soup. Directions need a rewrite

Souper duper
Box says to soak, then drain and add 4 cups of water. Then boil 45 mins.

Doing that it's nearly dry.

No way to simmer another 5 hrs from here.

So I added water along the way. Probably another 4 cups.

And this is a pretty thick stew consistency, not soupy at all.

Adjust the directions and you have an amazing tasty and healthy soup.

I added 1/2# of diced ham and 14oz of diced tomatoes.

Fool proof in my pressure cooker!

i sautéed onion, garlic, a stalk of chopped celery, and one chopped carrot in my instant pot pressure cooker. I also added a box of organic chicken broth to the rest of suggested recipe ingredients. I then set it to the soup setting and walked away! Delicious!

Great Bean Soup

Barrington, NJ
I was given this soup mix in a gift basket and figured it would be not great. Wrong.... I followed the instructions, soaking the beans overnight, then cooking for 45 minutes. I then added two ham hocks and followed the rest of the instructions, except....put all ingredients into my 6 qt. crockpot and cooked on low for 7 more hours. It was exceptional! Your seasoning packet made all the difference and the ham hocks left a great flavor. Wish I could buy it local.

My husband is waiting for the next batch.

great tasting soup

We've eaten 2x now and it's great. My wife is a vegetarian; so I cook ham on the side and whenit is finished I have take what she wants then add the ham to cook a little onger.

My favorite soup for guests!

Franklinville, NJ
I keep a couple boxes of Buckeye Bean Soup in the pantry. When I'm having guests for a meal, I always make this soup. It's a family favorite. Great soup!!

New to veggie lifestyle

Amazing simply amazing

Tried when bought at discount store, now buying a case!

Jeanne, Avon Lake, Ohio
Avon Lake, OH
Bought on a whim because of the name (being from the Buckeye State of Ohio!), but got the most compliments ever! So, I'm buying a case. I did use a nice juicy ham bone with ham pieces so that may have added to the flavor. Easy to make, wonderful aroma while cooking, delicious to taste. Didn't need to adjust seasonings one bit -- not even my husband, who peppers everything!

Very Pleasantly Surprised!

Sacramento, CA
I was perusing the food aisle in Ross when I stumbled upon a box of Buckeye Bean Soup. I love bean soup yet it has been difficult to find a good. Alas, my search is over!! This is the BEST bean soup I have ever eaten (and I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur). The seasoning mix that is provided is phenomenal. Instead of adding the onions and the tomatoes separately, I added my homemade mango salsa which contains tomatoes, cilantro, onions, peppers and mangoes. Again, thank you for making such a quality product. Send me more!!!
Reviews 1-17 of 17