Premium Quality Gourmet Foods Since 1993

For more than 20 years Seattle Gourmet Foods has remained a family-owned business committed to manufacturing quality food and confections. Consisting of 11 national brands, as well as multiple partnerships and private label manufacturing, our focus remains on sourcing the finest ingredients and providing consistent premium quality throughout our diverse line of products.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Honestly it is indeed the best I have ever tasted. I make my own jam occasionally but this is far superior. You have me hooked now."
Marilyn K., OH on Maury Island Farm

"I first became aware of these superb candies when I received them as a gift and now have given them as gifts to many friends who love them as much as I have."
Joan B., TX on Dilettante Chocolates

"These are the only mints I buy! Myntz! are refreshing, enjoyable to eat and sugar free helps keep my teeth safe, while I reap the benefit of clean and fresh breath!"
Elaine, PA on Myntz! Breathmints

"This cornbread is the fluffiest, tastiest corn bread ever! I have tried multiple other box mixes for cornbread none of the other ones ever come close!"
Cara, NC on Buckeye Beans & Herbs

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