Buckeye Beans & Herbs Soups

How Buckeye Beans & Herbs Got Its Name


Located on the quiet waters of the Little Spokane River, just a stone’s throw away from Spokane, the mill town of Buckeye was once a bustling community of three hundred residents.

Lumber was cut from the surrounding pine and tamarack forests and milled at the Buckeye Lumber Company. Boxes made from first grade lumber were shipped from the Buckeye Box Factory to various parts of the United States via the Spokane Falls & Northern Railroads. Many local commercial apple growers shipped their fruit in Buckeye boxes.

By 1912 the mill was closed and most of the townsfolk moved on. Our company was founded just downstream from this sleepy little town and was inspired to created genuine products that reflect the “simpler way of life.” Hearty soups on the back burner and beans baking in the oven provide a flavor of days gone by.

With each soup mix, Buckeye hopes to create delicious meals worth remembering. Buckeye uses simple ingredients from the United States to make each of its wholesome flavors.

Beans are an excellent source of protein, B vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Use one of Buckeye’s many soup mixes to serve a rustic meal to feed an entire family.

Each box of soup and cornbread mix is made to make a delicious meal in minutes. As the name implies, Buckeye uses premium beans and herbs to provide a spectacular taste to match the equally impressive nutritional value of each of its products.