Myntz! Breathmints new Non-GMO sugar-free formula

Get to Know Myntz! a Little Better

Since Myntz! Breathmints got its start in 1996, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality breath mints. With decades of experience, our mints promote good oral hygiene while also delivering fresh minty flavor.

The sugar-free formula is vital for each Mynt flavor. Sugar causes cavities, chronic diseases, and weight gain. Each time a person eats sugar, the residue from the sugar is left in the mouth. This residue is a favorite food for bacteria, which give off foul odors and acids. These acids can create tooth decay and, if left unchecked, can break down tooth enamel.

Even small amounts of sugar in mints can be harmful. The sugar from the mint joins the build-up on teeth, promoting more bacterial growth. The resulting bacteria create more acids, which causes more bad breath. Each time someone tries to freshen their breath with a sugary mint, it may feel fresh for a while, but it doesn’t last long.

The reason Myntz! give long-lasting fresh breath is because of a special ingredient called potassium bicarbonate. This odor-fighting ingredient absorbs and eliminates bacteria and the acids they form. Dentists recommend Myntz! for these health benefits.

Look forward to enjoying each of our delicious flavors after each meal. Myntz! are made with natural peppermint alongside sugar-replacements to deliver a fresh and clean taste. After trying our breath mints, there is no going back.