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For more than 20 years Seattle Gourmet Foods has remained a family-owned business committed to manufacturing quality food and confections. Consisting of eight national brands, multiple partnerships, and private label manufacturing, our focus remains on sourcing the finest ingredients and providing consistent premium quality throughout our diverse line of products.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We made this for the first time last night. It makes a large quantity of soup and we were glad because this is delicious! It’s easy to make and will be a staple in my pantry. Salt amount was perfect, so do make sure to use the unsalted tomatoes.

Chris, California

On Beefed Up Barley Soup from Buckeye Beans & Herbs

These are absolutely addictive! They are so good that I have to FORCE myself to stop eating them. Oddly enough, I don’t care for peppermint at all & never have. But I love these. If somebody reading this has never tried these, do yourself a favor & do so.

Joy, Texas

On Peppermint TruffleCremes from Dilettante Chocolates

Real Blueberries, and three other ingredient. Period. This is the way people would make jam in their own kitchen – not the way it’s made in a factory. I’m, a big fan of blueberries for both their anti-oxidant health properties and their flavor.

Ambrose, Seattle

On Blueberry Jam from Maury Island Farm

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